What We Do


We create and apply consumer knowledge to achieve competitive advantage in marketing strategy, concept ideation and downstream communications and creative development. Because customers have had experience with your brand and prospects have not, their perceptions are different, and the way in which you communicate with these audiences should differ as well. Understanding these differences usually reveals the "simple truths" required to guide the development of precision strategy, and downstream development.

Our Insights Process


The most vital aspect of consumer behavior is to understand what drives the decision to buy. The buying decision is influenced by a number of complex or abstract factors: perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, experiences and individual values, to name a few.

Our Insights Process analyzes and reduces research data to reveal the underlying truths of how consumers approach and make the all important buying decisions. We define consumers as both your current customers and prospects that you wish to attract.

The Insights Process will reveal those important product attributes that drive the buying decision, as well as how your brand truly delivers vs. competitive brands on each attribute. We call this your competitive scorecard.


From Insights to Creative Development


Developing winning campaigns, merchandising, or promotional ideas requires structure in addition to the energy of a talented group of creative people. 

We challenge our creative teams to innovate within defined strategic boundaries. These boundaries rely again on audience-specific insights.

Focusing creative talent insures that conceived ideas are on strategy and will deliver the desired end results. Insights, again, contribute to our structured innovation and creative development process.

Please see the "marketing case studies" section of our website to view specific case studies where our process has been applied.